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Summary of business

Our company is the only producer in Japan of products using walnuts, fruit pits and crushed nutshells. Common usages and applications are cleansing powders, as filter materials, as filling agents and porosity adjusters for sharpening stones. As all materials are natural they are safe, easily ground and graded to produce many varied and flexible commercial applications. Although based in a mountainous area in Nagano we are in close contact with many companies worldwide. We review and discuss our concepts and ideas with other companies, arrange visits and import / export raw materials as well as ship finished products all over the world.

Our initial product came about by chance some 30 years ago, We used crushed graded walnut shells that were collected from the Josho area to clean parts of aircraft jet engines. Currently we are producing many products in a variety of graded sizes. Typical applications are: powders for surface finishing in the semiconductor industry; as a deflashing media for plastic molded parts; as a polishing and cleaning agent in the finishing process for eyegrass frames and watch cases: as filter materials: as veneer adhesive for plywood sheets: and for porosity adjusters in sharpening stones.

Other unique applications include a very smooth face washing foam and more recently as an important additive with rubber in studless tires. In the past most of the materials we now use were either burned or abandoned as waste. We use these materials for a wide variety of uses by effectively utilizing a significant amount of these waste products which we provide to many differing industries. We see this as an effective means of recycling.

Most of our finished products are used in Asian countries. To meet the increasing demand of such varied applications we use apricot and peach bits, as well as corbcobs in addition to walnut shells. We find these materials give us the variation in hardness and moisture content that some applications require. In our mountainous location we are very close to nature which helps us promote a sense of global awareness by importing and exporting products that normally would be wasted. We believe this is a meaningful use of natural resources for the benefit of the environment and mankind.

Company Outline

The company was founded in June, 1959 by Kazuki Hata who is still the company Chairman.

Yoshihisa Hata is the current President.

The company was stocked with an initial capital investment of 16 million yen.

The headquarters and manufacturing plant are located at 1029 Wada, Nagawa Town, Chiisagata, Nagano 386-0701 Japan.

Phone Number : 81-268-882037

Fax Number : 81-268-882753


Company Gide